R-Rated Shows

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of adult entertainment
with our exclusive R-rated Strip Shows, where sophistication seamlessly merges with seduction for an unforgettable experience.
Our lineup features
the enchanting G-String Strip Show, setting the stage with a captivating striptease that culminates in a tiny G-string, perfect for engaging birthday parties or gatherings with a younger audience.

Transition to the jaw-dropping R-rated Nude Strip, where a stunning performer takes centre stage in a raunchy full nude interactive strip that maintains tastefulness for mixed crowds.

For those craving an even bolder experience, our Nude Strip Show Open Leg takes the performance to new heights, concluding with an intimate and unforgettable open leg experience that adds an extra layer of excitement.

With each R-rated show uniquely choreographed and personalised by our show girls, our R-rated Shows promise to leave the guest of honour and the entire crowd in awe, delivering a memorable and sophisticated adult entertainment experience.

Inquire now to elevate your event with the perfect blend of tasteful seduction and personalised excitement. Our R-rated shows are the most mild shows we offer in order from very mild - mild;
*Please Note: Prices may fluctuate based on the selected female strippers, the type of show, and the event location. All shows have a standard duration of 15-25 mins, but longer times can be requested with corresponding variations in price.

Each showgirl has her own choreographed routine, ensuring their own personalised touch that transforms into a memorable performance. The price will vary based on the service, location and Entertainer. Prices below are a starting guide, upon inquiry, we will provide you with a personalised quote for your request.

Elevate your experience with a customised show that reflects your desires and preferences;
Our R-Rated shows
G String Strip Show
Starting from $300*
Picture an enchanting showgirl in the spotlight, expertly revealing a sensual striptease that ends in her tiny G string. The focus shifts to the man of the night, creating an engaging experience that transcends the ordinary show.

Ideal for birthday parties or gatherings with a younger audience, the G-string show is a versatile addition suitable for both mixed audiences and more subdued crowds. Many of our stunning topless waitresses can seamlessly incorporate G-string strip performances upon request. Considered very mild, this show is perfect for a tamer audience, offering a delightful and tasteful entertainment option for your event.
R-rated Nude Strip
Starting from $320*
Explore the enticing world of our R-rated Nude Strip, where the guest of honour and the entire crowd will be left in awe. This jaw dropping, raunchy full nude interactive strip performance promises a memorable experience, featuring a stunning stripper engaging in a classy and sensual full nude striptease. Dive into this milder yet irresistibly seductive strip, where the performer skilfully maintains tastefulness by keeping her legs closed throughout the act.

Ideal for mixed crowds, this R-rated show seamlessly blends tastefulness with engaging crowd interaction. In contrast to the G-string Show, it’s considered mild but slightly more risqué and it’s still perfect for a tamer audience.
Nude Strip Show Open Leg
Starting from $350*
Take the experience a step further with the Nude Strip Show Open Leg. This even more daring rendition culminates in a Full Nude ending with an open leg show.

Elevating the performance with enticing floor work, this version adds an extra layer of excitement, providing an intimate and unforgettable open leg experience that takes the audience to new heights of seduction.
R-rated Duo Nude Strip Tease
Starting from $700*
Elevate your entertainment experience by opting for not just one, but two captivating showgirls in our exclusive R-rated Duo Nude Strip Tease. Immerse yourself in a tantalising performance as these two enchanting beauties artfully shed their lingerie, culminating in a natural nude climax, with the primary focus on the guest of honour. The seamless harmony between the performers creates an unforgettable ensemble, delivering a flirty, yet sophisticated lesbian nude strip tease. Make your event truly memorable and captivating by booking this tastefully provocative duo that promises an evening of refined adult entertainment.
*Please Note: This show is strictly just a strip tease, to elevate the show to climax and natural masturbation try our X -rated shows.
For Extra Fun and an Additional Cost
Starting from $50*

Enhance your R-rated Strip Show experience with enticing add ons. Choose from our selection of extras, including Strawberries and Cream for a sweet touch, a bath or oil experience for added sensuality, or request a specific costume to tailor the performance to your desires.

These add ons promise an extra layer of excitement, making your R-rated show a truly personalised and unforgettable event. Inquire now to elevate your adult entertainment experience with our R-rated Strip Shows and customisable add ons!

Strawberry, Cream, and Sweets: Add a touch of sweetness to your show with tantalising strawberries, cream, and an array of tempting sweets.

Oil: Immerse yourself in the sensual allure of an oil enhanced performance, creating a heightened visual feast of desire.

Bubble Bath: Elevate the experience with a luxurious bubble bath, introducing an element of intimacy and pleasure to the performance.

Costume: Transform the ambiance by choosing a specific costume, allowing you to tailor the show to your desired theme.

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