X-Rated Shows

Take the entertainment to the next level with steamy X-Rated entertainment
with our exclusive R-rated Strip Shows, where sophistication seamlessly merges with seduction for an unforgettable experience.
What’s the difference in R-X-XXX Rated Shows
Only the XXX-rated performers incorporate toys into their shows. R-rated performers may use props, but there is no penetration or insertion of toys. The X-rated girls fall between the R-rated and XXX-rated performers, engaging in natural masturbation and using props while avoiding the explicit territory explored by the XXX-rated performers.
*Please Note: Prices may fluctuate based on the selected female strippers, the type of show, and the event location. All shows have a standard duration of 25-30 mins, but longer times can be requested with corresponding variations in price.

Each showgirl has her own choreographed routine, ensuring their own personalised touch that transforms into a memorable performance. The price will vary based on the service, location and Entertainer. Prices below are a starting guide, upon inquiry, we will provide you with a personalised quote for your request.

Elevate your experience with a customised show that reflects your desires and preferences;
Our X-Rated shows
Natural Masturbation Show
20 min Starting from $380*

Elevating the experience beyond our R-rated show, our Natural Masturbation Show is a sophisticated, sensual and seductive performance. Just imagine your lovely performer opens the show in beautiful lingerie, revealing her sensual journey all the way down to a tiny G-string while radiating grace and charm. She skilfully creates suspense and adds teasing elements with an array of alternating nude positions, increasing the mood as the act continues on.

This provocative show concludes in a Full Nude climax that includes a seductive demonstration of natural masturbation. The showgirl welcomes the audience to witness a sensual and seductive performance as she indulges in an intimate self pleasure session with her own hands.

Experience the heat as the hands skilfully wander, creating an unforgettable moment of sensual entertainment.

Strawberries and Cream Show
Starting from $400*
Indulge in our Strawberry & Cream Show, a delightful fusion of strip tease and sweet sensations. Picture your chosen showgirl elegantly undressing to reveal a captivating view, culminating in a surprise for the guest of honour—a whipped cream-topped strawberry dessert.

This saucy twist on our R-rated performance promises a memorable journey, with the climax featuring a playful spray of cream over the showgirl adorned with strategically placed strawberries. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, this immersive and unforgettable experience invites the lucky recipient to indulge in the taste of strawberries and cream from the showgirl’s hot, naked body—a truly delectable spectacle that includes lollipops, chocolate sauce, and more. Delicious!
Oil Slip and Slide Show
Starting from $400*
Our exhilarating R-rated Oily Slip and Slide show will elevate your party with its spectacular blend of playful intimacy and wildness.

This seductive show adds an exciting oil element to the classic naked striptease, taking it to the next level of excitement. Imagine your showgirl introducing skin-on-skin contact with the guest of honour after a seductive striptease routine to nude. Boys, pull out your oils!
Bubble Bath Wet and Wild Show
Starting from $400*
Elevate your night with our Bubble Bath show, a sophisticated blend of sensuality and excitement. Your skilful stripper starts with a tasteful full nude strip, setting the stage for a captivating soapy bubble bath that promises both wet and wild moments.

Ideal for special occasions like Bucks nights, our skilled performer seamlessly transitions from a raunchy striptease to a steamy lap dance. The climax of the show unfolds as the guest of honour participates in grabbing a sponge to help the showgirl get clean with bubbles and warm water. Getting clean has never been so fun!
Duo X-rated Lesbian Shows (no props)
Starting from $800*
Our Duo Lesbian X-rated Show, which unleashes a new level of intensity, featuring two seductive performers in a mesmerising duet.

Imagine these beautiful twos, dressed in their best lingerie or seductive costume, setting off on a sensual journey that ends with their naked bodies touching themselves and each other, exuding beauty and desire all through the performance. Through a variety of alternating naked poses, they skilfully build tension and bring teasing elements, enhancing the mood with each coming second, climaxing the show by getting off on each other, with their hands and fingers.
Duo Lesbian - Bubble Bath, Oil Slip and Slide or Strawberries and Cream show
Starting from $900*

To add an extra layer of excitement, indulge in the climax of the performance where the mesmerising duo transitions seamlessly into a Bubble Bath Show. Picture the allure of two naked bodies intertwining, touching themselves and each other, all within the luxurious embrace of soapy bubbles.

Or double up on our Slip and Slide Oil Show. Picture two enchanting performers slipping and sliding sensually over each other’s oily bodies, creating an intoxicating visual feast of desire.

The slippery allure of the oil adds an extra layer of excitement, enhancing the sensual experience.

For a delicious twist, savour our Lesbian Duo Strawberry and Cream Show. Picture the enticing duo engaging in a raw display of indulgence as they play with strawberries and cream, while playing with each other creating a delicious spectacle. This sweet and sensual addition adds a touch of delectable excitement to the already thrilling performance.

Let us know your preferences, and we’ll bring them to life for hot girl on girl action for your next event with a twist.

Other XXXshows
XXX - Rated Toy Shows

Delve into the pinnacle of adult entertainment with our highly sought after XXX-rated StripToy Shows, designed to elevate bucks’ parties, birthdays, and various events to unforgettable heights!

Each showgirl brings a unique and expertly choreographed routine, tailor made to showcase their individual specialties. The allure of these performances lies in the seamless integration of specific toys, guiding the audience on a personalised journey of pleasure and seduction.

The show unfolds with mesmerising showgirls starting in costume or lingerie, their movements transitioning gracefully from bras to a captivating sequence of nudity and open-leg poses. Brace yourself for an exhilarating display of toy insertions, dominatrix style performances, the dynamic interplay of fire and ice, creative use of fruits and vegetables, pearls, and an array of enticing surprises.

To discover the full spectrum of descriptions and styles available for each individual performer, as well as pricing details, inquire now! Get ready for an experience that transcends the ordinary and ensures your event is a sensational success.

XXX Basic Toy show
Starting from $500*

Presenting the XXX Basic Toy Show, renowned as our most celebrated and in-demand performance. Get ready to be captivated as your showgirl makes her entrance in seductive lingerie or costume, gracefully shedding layers until she reveals her enticing G-string and ultimately unveils her nude form. This show embraces open legs and ventures into explicit, alluring activities, with special focus on captivating the guest of honour and captivating the entire audience.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience as your showgirl unveils a treasure trove of enticing props and the use of her most favourite vibrators and toys on herself. This show is a sensory feast that guarantees a memorable spectacle. Each showgirl brings her own uniquely choreographed routine to the stage, infusing personal flair and style into their rendition of the XXX Basic Toy Show.

Don’t miss out on this electrifying performance that combines seduction, explicit entertainment, and a dash of surprise. Be ready for an unforgettable show that goes beyond expectations, making it a standout experience for any event.

XXX Toy Works Show
Starting from $550*

Welcome to the XXX ToyWorks Show a step above the basic toy show, a very explicit, raunchy and fun show. Elevate your experience with the Full Nude finale, culminating in an open-leg showcase featuring self pleasure enhanced by even more props, a string of pearls and a much larger selection and use of toys.

This heightened performance seamlessly blends alluring floor work, adding an extra layer of excitement, and delivers an intimate, unforgettable open leg experience that showcases self pleasure with toys and props in a farewell that will linger in your guests’ memories.

Immerse yourself in a plethora of toys including vibrators, dildos, pearls and hidden surprises such as fire play and oils and more, all paired with engaging crowd interactions and focused attention on the main stage. Your performer will infuse the show with extra surprises so let your imagination run wild. Tailor the experience to your desires and let us know your preferences, and we’ll bring them to life.

Each showgirl boasts a uniquely choreographed routine, infusing their distinct spin and style into their versions of the XXX ToyWorks Show. Indulge in a personalised, captivating performance that transcends expectations and leaves an indelible mark on your event.

XXX Dominatrix Show
Starting from $550*

Prepare to embark on a riveting journey, where the boundaries between pain and pleasure seamlessly merge in an all encompassing spectacle. Allow your commanding mistress to captivate the event, firmly placing the honoured guests in their designated roles.

Witness her assertive control and domination, commencing in an alluring latex ensemble that exudes power. Through the artful use of her authority, she will skillfully guide the guest of honour into a captivating experience, expertly weaving in crowd participation, moments of humorous delight, and carefully orchestrated moments of humiliation.

Draped in her seductive latex costume, she wields her power with precision, employing a collection of favourite toys to deliver a nude performance that captures the undivided attention of her chosen target.

This show is a symphony of sensations, featuring elements such as alluring latex, sensuous gloves, a commanding paddle board, exhilarating whipping, and the playful “walk the dog” manoeuvre, among other electrifying acts.

This extraordinary performance is not for the faint hearted; it promises an unforgettable blend of shock, awe, laughter, and sheer entertainment. Suitable for any event, it guarantees an experience that will leave you astonished and thoroughly entertained as you recline and relish the dominance of your captivating mistress for the night.

Lesbian Duo XXX Toy Works Show
Starting from $1000*

Experience the ultimate in adult entertainment with our Lesbian Duo XXX Toy Show – because one showgirl is simply not enough! Let this dynamic duo elevate your event to new heights with their uniquely choreographed performance, featuring lots of toys, dildos, pearls, oils, props, hidden surprises and more, all intertwined with their sizzling one on one lesbian action.

Picture two enticing showgirls, commencing in captivating lingerie or costumes, enticing the audience as they gracefully shed layer after layer until reaching the climactic moment of nudity.

Observe the intense chemistry as they play with each other, unveiling a bag of surprises to create an unforgettable spectacle. This show undoubtedly stands out as one of the most fiery performances you will ever witness, leaving an indelible mark on your memory.

Take it a step further by booking the Lesbian Duo in a tag team spot, where the girls take turns, with one starting solo and the other joining in later to kick off the lesbian action. This extended show is not only longer than the standard duo but also promises a unique and intensified experience. Prices will vary based on your specific needs and event requirements, so inquire now to book a personalised Lesbian Duo XXX Toy Show tailored specifically for your event!

Dominatrix Duo Show
Starting from $1100*

Why settle for just one dominating mistress when you can have two? Prepare to immerse yourself in an electrifying journey, where the realms of pain and pleasure seamlessly entwine in an all encompassing spectacle.

Let the dynamic Dominatrix Duo captivate your event, firmly establishing the honoured guests in their designated roles. Witness their assertive control and domination, as they commence in alluring latex ensembles radiating power.

Through the artful synchronisation of their authority, they skilfully guide the guest of honour into a captivating experience, seamlessly incorporating crowd participation, moments of humorous delight, and carefully orchestrated episodes of humiliation. Draped in seductive latex costumes, they wield their power with precision, employing a curated collection of favourite toys to deliver a nude performance that captures the undivided attention of their chosen target.

This show is a symphony of sensations, featuring elements such as alluring latex, sensuous gloves, a commanding paddle board, exhilarating whipping, and the playful “walk the dog” manoeuvre, among other electrifying acts.

This extraordinary performance is not for the faint-hearted; it promises an unforgettable blend of shock, awe, laughter, and sheer entertainment. Suitable for any event, it guarantees an experience that will leave you astonished and thoroughly entertained as you recline and relish the dual dominance of your captivating mistresses for the night.

Other XXX speciality shows
Fruit & Veg
Starting from $550*
Experience the unique Fruit and Veg show, where our skilled performer takes the art of sensuality to new heights. In this explicit performance, seasonal produce finds itself in unconventional places, creating a provocative and striking display.

This show, an erotic twist on the classic toy performance, features a desirable full nude strip, showcasing the dancer’s moves while actively engaging the audience and offering special attention to the guest of honour. Prepare for a provocative and unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary.
Greek Show
Starting from $550*
Experience the provocative and explicit Greek show, where our performers push the boundaries for mind blowing entertainment. This XXX-rated performance goes beyond the ordinary, featuring variations of the Fruit and Veg show along with the addition of anal toys, creating a show reserved for the most experienced and wild entertainers.

With elements like a full striptease, sensual acts, toys, natural masturbation, and raunchy anal action, this show offers a total XXX experience that’s not for the faint of heart, ensuring a memorable and daring performance that leaves the backdoor open for business.
Wet and Wild
Starting from $550*

Immerse yourself in the thrilling Wet & Wild spectacle, where “wet and wild” means something entirely different! In this enticing performance, a showgirl engages the audience with a lively routine that includes open leg positions, fun toy tricks, and special attention to the honoured guest.

This XXX-rated StripShow is unique because of its squirting finish, only our handpicked female strippers can provide this exhilarating and unique experience. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary, wet, and unforgettable performance that defies expectations.

Add Ons
Starting from $50*

Vibe Shooting: An explicit addition to the XXX StripToy Show, progressing from a striptease to full nudity. This segment involves the insertion of sexual toys into the performer’s vagina, from which vibrators or dildos are propelled at a distance. This unique and daring element provides a detailed and intimate experience, creating an electrifying atmosphere for the audience.

Pearls: Unveiling a concealed pearl string, it remains hidden throughout the entire striptease performance, keeping the audience in suspense. As your performer strips down to nudity, opening her legs, can you guess the length of the pearl string that emerges? Will it be 1m, 3m, 4m or an astonishing 5m? This captivating addition enhances our XXX StripToy Shows, offering an element of surprise and excitement to any Bucks/Birthday Party…

Fire and Ice: Dive into the ultimate sensory experience with our Fire and Ice addition to the XXX StripToy Show, by blending steamy toy antics with ice cold sensations adding an extra layer of thrill and excitement. Watch as our performers set the stage ablaze with passion, then experience the chilling allure that teases your senses. This XXX toy show addition is the perfect fusion of heat and coolness, redefining pleasure and guaranteeing to be the highlight of your event. Whether for a wild night out or a more intimate gathering, immerse yourself in the seductive dance of fire and ice…

Squirting: Prepare for an extraordinary experience with our addition to the StripToy-XXX rated show - Squirting. Get ready for a wet and unforgettable performance that goes beyond expectations. We recommend bringing your raincoat because things are about to get delightfully wet in here!

Unicorn: Dildo slapping and pounding of the bucks or birthday boys head

Dom: Prepare for an intense and captivating addition to your XXX toy show experience, where the commanding mistress skilfully navigates the fine line between pain and pleasure.

Fruit & Veg to be included in the show: Elevate the allure of your XXX toy show with the addition of the Fruit and Veg to the Toys and props already in the show. Witness as our skilled performer introduces seasonal produce into unconventional places along with her favourite toys and props she already has in store for you.

Strawberries and Cream: Add a touch of sweetness to your show with tantalising strawberries, cream, and an array of tempting sweets.

Strap ons: Want to change things up and have your show girl wear a strap on? We have you covered!

Oil: Immerse yourself in the sensual allure of an oil-enhanced performance, creating a heightened visual feast of desire.

Bubble Bath: Elevate the experience with a luxurious bubble bath, introducing an element of intimacy and pleasure to the performance.

Costume: Transform the ambiance by choosing a specific costume, allowing you to tailor the show to your desired theme.

Customise your Show by selecting one, two, three, or all of these add ons, creating a unique and memorable performance. Each showgirl has her own choreographed routine, ensuring a personalised touch. Prices vary based on the service, location, entertainer, and the number of add ons chosen. Starting at $400, we’ll provide a personalised quote upon inquiry, allowing you to elevate your experience with a customised show that reflects your desires and preferences. All shows have a standard duration of 20-30 minutes, with longer times available upon request, accompanied by corresponding variations in price.

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